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The economic solution for variothermal temperature control

In corporation with the University Pforzheim and after 4 years of development, we are introducing a new energy- and cost saving system for selective heating of critical areas in injection mold cavities on the market.

A patented combination of turbulent airflow, highly efficient 3D-printed heating-nozzles, tailored to the molded part, air acceleration based on Venturi-principals and a heat recirculation-sleeve contributes to a highly efficient variothermal process control system for injection molding.

  • The biggest challenges:

    ● Are your parts having knit-lines or microstructure surfaces?

    ● Do your parts have an unfavorable flow-path to wall thickness ratio?

    ● Would you like to use variothermal temperature control but not across the entire mold surface?

    ● Does the high energy consumption and cost of conventional systems let you hesitate?

TURBOTHERM® is the economic system for energy-efficient and tailored impulse-heating of injection molds and for part improvement.

  • Outstanding product quality through:

    ● Elimination of visible knit-lines

    ● Precise reproduction of the cavity surface even at complex geometries

    ● Longer flow-paths possible in thin-walled parts

    ● Product-specific 3D nozzle/sleeve

Ohne Turbotherm

mit Turbotherm 400fach
with TURBOTHERM® 400x

Bindenahtgre m
Knit Line width [µm]

The graph shows a rapid decrease in knit-line width; a visible reduction of up to 100% is possible with this method. The accuracy to reproduce surface details of the cavity can be increased at the same rate.

Highest Efficiency


Temperaturverlauf in C

Temperature-increase of about 5-10°C per second based on surface roughness: grained surfaces heat up twice as fast as mirror finished surfaces.


Leistungsverlauf in W

The unit consumes an average of 1.4 kW (reference cycle: 28.9 sec. including 3.2 sec. heat time over 8 hrs.) and the consumed hot air can be reused.

In addition, the compressed air consumption with an average of about 30 to 120 Liters/minute at 0.3 MPa is rather low.

  • Efficient Handling

    ● No modification of the injection molding tool required

    ● Can be retro-fitted, also in multi-cavity tools

    ● Stable and repeatable process

  • Project Support and Service

    1. Review task and discuss possible solutions

    2. Submission of 3D mold data to create nozzle and recirculation sleeve.

    3. Test run and identification of required settings either at our or at customer facility

    4. Adapt system to customer robot

    5. Training on how to operate TURBOTHERM®

    6. Field- and spare part-service

    7. New nozzles, sleeves and spare parts available for order.

TURBOTHERM® is going to be available as of January 2018