Combination of different bulk and filling materials

„Responsible handling of resources and energy has led us again and again to the development of precedent-setting processes like VARIOBLEND. By combining different bulk and filling materials in the VARIOBLEND process up to 70% of raw materials are saved, cooling time and energy consumption are reduced.“
Dipl.-Ing. Michael Däbritz
The cavity is filled with bulk granulate and then extrusion moulded. Bulk and filling materials can consist of the same or of different materials.
The VARIOBLEND process is especially appropriate for the production of thick-walled parts with simple shapes but other applications are also possible.
approx. 70% saving of raw materials
- if recyclates or other bulk materials are used
extreme reduction of cooling time
- only 30% of melt is fed of which the heat is absorbed shortly by the filling materials
Highly energy-efficient
- only 30% of the moulded parts mass is molten and has to be cooled. Cooling is mostly performed by the bulk brought in.
Low distortion moulded parts
- due to even heat dissipation throughout the cross section
Sink mark free moulded parts
- even in parts with greater wall thickness