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"By direct and fully automated linking of injection moulding, coating and final packaging with INSTANTCOAT® Plus we have reached the presently conceivable optimum in efficiency and product quality."

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Däbritz
Manager of VARIOPLAST®

There is a reduction of:
  • Material input
  • Production scrap
  • Personnel Costs
  • Cycle Time
  • Response time to problems
  • Storage time of parts before coating

Critical aspects are improvement of part quality, process repeatability and flexibility:

  • Regular coating layer thickness
  • Improved surface appearance
  • Improved coating adhesion (dirt-free parts)
  • Part defects directly recognizable during process
  • Shorter reaction time in case of malfunctions
  • Process parameters repeatable and coordinated.


2K-Injection Moulding + CO2 pre-cleaning + coating + dry + coating + dry

INSTANTCOAT®: 75% reduction of the ecological grey footprint



pdfMountingframe result sheet LCA assessment SKZ - Das Kunststoff-Zentrum


High-tech injection molding

2K-Injection Moulding + Sheet Metal Overmolding + Insert Overmolding + US-Welding + Pad Printing + polishing + Drill

Black Panel Technology

2K-Injection Moulding + Variothermie + Pad Printing + PVD-Coating + coating + US-Welding + Laser cutting


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