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  • Cooperation with Colleges/Universities, Dissertation & Bachelor Thesis

    Central Innovation Program for medium-sized companies (Zentrales Innovationsprogramm Mittelstand (ZIM)) Cooperation with College of Pforzheim – KIS follow-up projectcompletion TURBOTHERM®

    Hot air module for energy-efficient pulsed heating of injection moulding tools (HEIS) Development, manufacturing, testing and optimization of a hot air module ready for serial production, for injection-cycle clocked tool surface temperature conditioning with high-energy hot airflow and hot-air return to increase energy efficiency. Visible welt lines are eliminated and the surface quality is improved.

    University of Karlsruhe – Bachelor thesis at Varioplast

    Coating process of the PVD-Magnetron-Sputter-procedure with optimization of chrome coating by application of optimal experiment design

    Physical functionality of the Magnetron-Sputtering – Optimal experiment design and application – Design of Experiments (DoE) – Characteristics and behaviour of chrome during sputtering

    Fulfilled Goals:

    ● no visible cracking

    ● best adhesion of chrome on plastics

    ● optimization of protective UV coating according to quality standards of the auto manufacturers

    ● coating by varnish (primer / topcoat)

    Further cooperations with the universities of Ulm and Darmstadt

  • Patents & Procedures



    Hybrid product and application example of our inhouse developed and patented VARIOBLEND® process.

    ● enormous freedom of design, whether due to weight-related, technical or optical reasons

    ● shortening of cooling time

    Different materials can be used in this patented process.


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