Experience facilitates optimization and ensures quality

Our inline processes of „Injection Moulding-Coating-Packaging“, „Injection moulding - Printing - Packaging“ and „Injection Moulding - Assembly/Mounting - Packaging“ have been enabled by our decades of experience in the field of plastics technology. They have been brought together into automated sequences which make them more constant and stable.

  • Inline processes are established by means of robot operation. Robot operation has been implemented in the following processes:


    ● Loading for hot stamping

    ● Loading for pad printing

    ● Discharge of thermoformed parts

    ● Discharge of bulk material

    ● Stacking of thermoformed trays/VARIOBOXX

    ● Processing of thermoformed trays/VARIOBOXX inlay cover

    ● Coating of: INSTANTCOAT Rings

    ● Application by: Soldermask caterpillar

    ● Mounting of: Glass assembly

    ● Mounting of: Screw connection assembly

    ● Positioning: by camera guidance

    ● Discharge of: Center console

    ● PVD-Coating of: Reflector

    ● Loading of: Big wheel dryer

    ● Coating of: Mask assembly

    ● Mounting of: Indicator assembly

  • Further advantages

    ● Reduction of transport routes

    ● Shortest cycle times

    ● Optimal quality control

    ● Low costs

    Even for small and medium quantities flexible automation concepts are cost-effective.

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