Combination of different bulk and filling materials

„Responsible handling of resources and energy has led us again and again to the development of precedent-setting processes like VARIOBLEND®. By combining different bulk and filling materials in the VARIOBLEND® process up to 70% of raw materials are saved, cooling time and energy consumption are reduced.“

Dipl.-Ing. Michael Däbritz
Manager of VARIOPLAST®

  • Process

    The cavity is filled with bulk granulate and then extrusion moulded. Bulk and filling materials can consist of the same or of different materials. The VARIOBLEND® process is especially appropriate for the production of thick-walled parts with simple shapes but other applications are also possible.

  • Advantages

    approx. 70% saving of raw materials
    ● if recyclates or other bulk materials are used

    extreme reduction of cooling time
    ● only 30% of melt is fed of which the heat is absorbed shortly by the filling materials

    Highly energy-efficient
    ● only 30% of the moulded parts mass is molten and has to be cooled. Cooling is mostly performed by the bulk brought in.

    Low distortion moulded parts
    ● due to even heat dissipation throughout the cross section

    Sink mark free moulded parts
    ● even in parts with greater wall thickness

  • VARIOCUP® An inhouse product

    VARIOCUP® is a hybrid product and an example of our self-developed and patented process VARIOBLEND®.

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