Product specific packaging


Our patented VARIOBOXX® is a combination of standard and customized packaging: Standard is the stacking box (stable injection moulding part, 1/4 or 1/8 of Euro pallets) and the inlay can be cost-effectively customized according to demand (thermoformed part).

In total significantly more cost-effective in respect to purchasing as well as to any specific costs for inlays and transportation in comparison to previous solutions, at the same time significantly more lightweight, transparent, inexpensive, individually customizable as well as eco-friendly.

VARIOBOXX® has been patented since December 2011.

  • Advantages

    transparency filling visible and controllable

    lightweight: empty weight approx. 1.5 kg incl. Inlay and Cover

    customized: Frame (carry box) in different colours, inlay and cover individually formed

    robust: shocks and blows are damped and mostly neutralized by the frame

    dust-proof: the cover fits exactly onto the inlay and closes it

    suitable for block storage the box is dimensioned to 1/4 or 1/8 of a Euro pallet and is optimally stackable

    four sizes: 600 x 400 x 195 mm | 600 x 400 x 265 mm | 400 x 300 x 195 mm | 300 x 200 x 195 mm

    Inexpensive: 1 Truck saves approx. 2 l Diesel/100 km

    Eco-friendly: ca. 2 kg of CO2 saved/box during production and approx. 5 kg of CO2 /Truckload per 100 km compared to standard packaging

  • Technical specifications

    ● Frame 19/16 sw, default 300x200x195 mm

    ● Frame 19/8 sw, default 400x300x195 mm

    ● Frame 19/4 sw, default 600x400x195 mm / 550x350x185 mm

    ● Frame 26/4 sw, default 600x400x265 mm

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