Less weight through thermoforming

Varioplast Konrad Däbritz lately has expanded on its machine pool with a sheet processing machine Illig UA 100g.


For Michael Däbritz, managing director of Varioplast Konrad Däbritz GmbH in Swabian Ötisheim, there is no better KLT-box for transport and storage of small components than the so-called Varioboxx. This is not only because Varioplast as injection moulding specialist that is primarily operating in the automotive sector has developed and is producing this packaging. „It’s simply the facts by which our Varioboxx distinguishes itself from other traditional, classical KLT-boxes. It is significantly lighter and thereby eco-friendlier and more cost-effective - and, due to the transparancy, the content can be seen at one glance,” says Däbritz. The components of Varioboxx are manufactured in two separate processes. The open carry-box, consisting only of frame and ribs which provide the required stability, is injection moulded as a standard component; transparent and customized inlays for holding parts and the dust-tight sealing cover are generated by thermoforming.